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Since 2004, California Guitar Trio member Bert Lams and Chapman Stick player Tom Griesgraber have been organizing tours in the US together, performing primarily as a duo but also dual soloists. Their music draws from their highly eclectic backgrounds and includes everything from the music of Bach and Chopin to original pieces and California Guitar Trio (CGT) covers that range from progressive rock to spaghetti westerns.

Bert Lams is known for his affinity with the music of J.S.Bach, and his arrangements of classical music for the California Guitar Trio. "Nascent," his first solo album features new arrangements of Bach's cello suites and violin partitas for guitar and brings a unique twist to the classical guitar world. Not only are the pieces performed on steel string guitar with a pick, but they are also set in what's known as "New Standard Tuning"; a tuning more closely resembling a cello than a traditional guitar.

Bert Lams initially gained notice in 1980 as first laureate for National Music Contest for Youth in Brussels, and went on to earn an honors degree in the study of classical guitar, eventually teaching at the Brussels Academy of Music. After attending Guitar Craft seminars with Robert Fripp, Bert Lams co-founded the CGT with Paul Richards (U.S.) and Hideyo Moriya (Japan).

Since 1993, CGT has released six albums and have toured extensively in North America, Europe and Japan performing original compositions, and pieces from the classical, rock, and surf guitar genres. Notably, CGT music was featured in the television coverage of the 1998 and 2000 Olympics, and on CBS, NBC, CNN World Beat, and ESPN TV programs. The CGT performed on the 2003 Grammy nominated track "Apollo" from Tony Levin's CD "Pieces of the Sun;" and their music was sent into outer space to wake the crew aboard NASA's Space Shuttle Endeavor.

A graduate of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels, Bert Lams conducted workshops for guitar students in Berlin, Buenos Aires, Tokyo and Seattle.

A honors graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, Tom Griesgraber is one of the world's most active performers on the Chapman Stick; a unique 12-string guitar and bass hybrid played more like piano with both hands sounding notes. He is an active composer and arranger for the instrument and his shows generally include a mix of original material as well as arrangements ranging from Bach to the Beatles.

Tom performs regularly across the US and Europe as a soloist or with his other groups Agent 22 and Marotta/Griesgraber. He has also toured as an opener for The California Guitar Trio and The Tony Levin Band, performed for several Grammy events and done shows opening for artists like Stanley Jordan, Andy Summers, Steve Hackett, Steve Morse, Bill Bruford’s Earthworks, The Dixie Dregs and Adrian Belew.

Tom's newest solo release "Sketchbook" features his original compositions along with music by Bach, Bob Dylan and Oliver Nelson and musical contributions from Bert Lams, Pat Mastelotto, Peter Sprague, Ryan Moran and others.

Bert Lams
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Bert Lams
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Tom Griesgraber
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Tom Griesgraber
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